Preschool: 3-5 years

The upper floor rooms at Billinge House are utilised to cater for our oldest children. They again have free flow access to four rooms including ‘Pioneers’, ‘Designers’, ‘Imaginators’ and ‘Investigators’ and the children have access to two fully functioning bathrooms and washing facilities within the upstairs environment.

‘Pioneers’ is a place of investigation and small world opportunities. Children are provided with the resources to allow them to create small world scenes, for example they could re-enact a visit to the farm or build a large train track and they also have a range of blocks and bricks to build, create and model with. In this room the children also have access to lots of ICT equipment including a computer, which they can freely choose between age-appropriate games and tasks, a widely sourced writing table with many mark marking tools, and a low-level tool shed equipped with a range of tools and a tool belt which gives the children chances to use their fine motor skills and act out what they may have seen within their own experiences.

The purpose of the ‘Designers’ room is to give the children the opportunities to explore a variety of mark making resources to create both large and small-scale marks and perfect their writing skills ready for school. Within this room there is also chances to explore many playdough and malleable resources, which enables the child to develop their fine motor skills and incorporate imagination into their daily activities.

’Imaginators’ is a place for imaginations to grow using the well-resourced role play kitchen and food alongside exploring our wide range of dressing up outfits, giving opportunities to act out and imagine. Within this room, children can follow ‘In the moment’ provision to recreate actions from within their own home, discover and relax having access to a range of factual books and non-fiction stories, sensory experiences and many textured soft areas.

‘Investigators’ allows the children to access many wet and dry textures and develop their sensory exploration skills, whether this is by bathing the baby dolls, exploring minibeasts and natural resources or a dinosaur swap in the gloop. The children are able to access everything in open cupboards and low-level units so they can enhance any play they feel like, in order to progress their creative minds.

What to expect…

Within our upstairs environment all children aged between 3-5 years are given the opportunities to free-flow play and develop their learning, with a maximum of 30 children attending the setting at any one time. They are again cared for by qualified practitioners who are highly trained and knowledgeable about the development of children aged 3-5 years. As before each child within Preschool is assigned a key person and a buddy who will become your main point of contact within the provision.

The children within Preschool are encouraged to follow their interest and the practitioners will enhance the areas to support this. Preschool are also provided with chances to explore phonics, early writing and numbers are also moulded on a more structured level each afternoon with an adult led ‘circle time’ activity.

All children aged 3 and over are cared for on a 1:8 ratio.

Things to provide – any creams or emergency medication your child requires, comforters, a few changes of clothes, wellies, suitable indoor shoes, sun hat, a range of family photos

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