The Garden Lodge: 2-3 years

In October 2017 we opened our purpose built extension: The Garden Lodge.  The Lodge caters for up to 20 children aged between 2-3 years across one free flow room.  Each child’s key person observes their skills and interests and carefully plans learning experiences which challenge them and promote independence.

The environment is set up to provide a range of experiences, which include spaces for making marks and exploring different media.  Children are offered opportunities to make both large and small-scale marks and perfect their writing skills.  They are also offered a chance to explore a range of textures and malleable experiences, from sand to water.

Along the other side of the room the children are provided with quiet areas to build and balance, explore and re-enact stories, build jigsaws and work together to complete puzzles.  There is also a well resourced role play kitchen with lot of dressing up outfits and opportunities to act out and imagine.

Down the centre of the building are some tables which provide the children with lots of chances to take part in small group activities, enhancing their social skills and preparing them for their journey beyond nursery.

Attached to the Garden Lodge is an extensive decked space, which is accessed by double French doors. The area is enclosed by spindles and hand rails. Access to the main garden is via secured gates. The children are able to view the garden and surrounding countryside, observe the local wildlife and birds and literally draw inspiration from nature.

The Garden Lodge also has its own toilets and changing area. A small gated kitchen area is also located in the building, to facilitate the preparation of food or drinks if required.

What to expect…

Within the Garden Lodge all children aged between 2-5 are mixed together, with a maximum of 20 children attending the setting at any one time.   They are again cared for by qualified practitioners who are highly trained and knowledgeable about the development of children aged 2-5 years.   As before each child and their family will be assigned a key person and a buddy who will become your main point of contact within the setting.

Things to provide – Nappies, wipes, any creams or emergency medication your child requires, comforters, a few changes of clothes, wellies, suitable indoor shoes, sun cream, sun hat, family photos

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