We have as always had a very busy few weeks in nursery. We had a great Halloween party at the end of October. Lots of the children dressed up and we carved pumpkins, had a spooky party tea and explored some very messy Jelly. We enjoyed looking at lots of lights and colours during our Diwali celebrations and today we are all dressed in spots to raise lots for Children in Need. Sadly, some of our babies have taken this to the extreme and we have had a few cases of hand, foot and mouth this week so please make sure you are seeking medical advice if your child is presenting with any rashes or spots.

The older children have been spending lots of time together and have been playing lots of games and developing their social skills. Kelsea has attended some training in relation to Personal, Social and Emotional Development and has therefore been implementing lots of new ideas within the setting. As a result of Kelsea’s training we have been talking lots about feelings and what feelings relate to different colours, for example being happy makes us feel yellow and feeling sad makes us blue.

The older children have also been exploring the story of the ‘Stick Man’, using various textures and props to help them retell the story. They have been making marks in wet sand, with many of them forming a few letters of their name. Today some of our pre-schoolers showed us how good they are at playing matching pairs and they have also been doing some leaf printing.

The children in the baby room are loving their brand-new tepee and have been playing lots of games of hide and seek, as well as exploring stories inside their new den. They have been splashing in water and also exploring gloop. This week they have been outside in the baby area and have been spending time undercover in the beach.

Katie has changed the parental challenge over within the welcome area so feel free to take a bag and recording sheet home with you, so if you go on a walk over the next week or so, and collect lots of lovely treasures. We have also moved over to our winter menu with lots of new tasty treats to try including Winter Chicken Stew, Beef and Mushroom Pie and Creamy Tuna and Leek Pasta.

On a side note…. Is anyone missing Po? She was found on our service road last Friday and is yet to be claimed. If you have lost her, she has been kept safe in our welcome area but she would like to be returned to the poor little boy or girl who has lost her.