This week we have had lots of children who have been away on their holidays for half term. This has meant that nursery has been a little quieter and so all the children from the over two’s have been upstairs together enjoying a range of activities. They have been exploring a range of occupations and talking about job roles, matching rhyming words together and playing lots of listening games. The toddlers have been making arrangements with shapes using natural materials and have also been using the people sponges to make representations of people.

The babies have been building lots of towers and using number names to identify how many blocks they have added. They have also been exploring a malleable farm yard and practicing their animal sounds. As always lots of messy activities have taken place with the littles ones as they have been mixing paint in shaving foam and making firework pictures with fluorescent paint and different brushes and tools.

This afternoon the older children have been looking at a snake skin. Oliver has a python called Ivan who has shed his skin, Oliver therefore very kindly brought the skin in to show us and answered lots of questions from his friends about his snake, telling us all about him living in a tank, sleeping in his den and switching the lights off when he goes to bed. We are very much looking forward to Ivan paying us a visit in nursery over the next few weeks. If anybody else has any interesting occupations, hobbies or pets they think the children would be interested in then please let us know so that we can arrange for you to share them with the children.

Next week we will be busy as its nursery at its is nursery photographs on Monday and Tuesday and also our Halloween party on Thursday. We will also be exploring lots of lights and colours as part of our Diwali celebrations at the start of the week.

Enjoy your weekend