And so, the wet weather continues…. on top of all our splashing and water play we have started to introduce some Autumn themed activities to the children this week.

Our youngest children have been rolling conkers through paint and exploring the patterns and marks they could make. Tasha has been helping them to investigate some spooky spaghetti and they have also been looking at lots of Autumnal items in their sensory tray. Earlier on in the week there was lots of number language being used as the children sang five little ducks whilst splashing in the water.

The older children have also been exploring Autumn, and they too have been rolling conkers in paint and other materials.   They have been outside collecting lots of leaves, acorns and Autumnal objects and have been printing with these items in playdough and making silly leaf faces. The upstairs children have been exploring similarities and differences this week, looking at each other and themselves in the mirror and talking about their features. They have also been exploring lots of things which can be counted such as how many jumps it takes to get from the path to the gate or how many times they can clap before their friend runs around the circle. The children in the Garden Lodge have been enhancing their cutting skills by trimming hair off paper plate people. They have also been on a shape hunt in the garden where they found lots of rectangles and squares but not so many triangles. You could therefore look out for any triangle shapes when out and about this weekend.

As many of you are aware our nursery newsletter went out via email this week so please make sure you check your inbox for all important dates, including nursery photographs and the date to return the order forms for the Christmas card packs.

Have a great weekend!