This week has brought lots of wet weather but this hasn’t dampened our spirits in nursery. We have still been enjoying time in the garden, splashing in puddles and using squelchy mud in our mud pies.

The older children upstairs have been making some minibeasts out of playdough, they enjoyed adding features such as eyes and a nose and also enjoyed counting out the correct number of legs and spots. They have also been making patterns in the sand and doing lots of scooping and filling in the water too. Out in the Garden Lodge the children have been playing lots of counting games. A firm favourite is ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’ where they used lots of mathematical language and were able to run very fast at ‘dinner time’.   The children have also been making lots of animal homes out of malleable materials and boxes/containers.

Downstairs our younger children have continued to explore different malleable materials such as couscous and barley and have also been exploring Moon Sand with Sarah. This week they have also been provided with the opportunity to explore lots of paint and enjoyed moving cars through different coloured paint to make patterns.

At the beginning of the week Laura D and Laura J went on some training with early years expert Alistair Bryce Clegg. This is the first of six training courses which will support us in enhancing our provision further. We have also been linked up with over 500 providers from the North West so we can share practice and learn from each other. We are very excited to be part of this new project and have already been given lots of fantastic ideas in relation to how we can develop on what we already provide at Hearts and Minds.

Have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed for a break in the rain!