The end of another busy week for us at nursery. Lots of children joined us to raise money for Jeans for Genes this week. We would like to thank all the parents for their kind donations for such a great cause.
The children in the baby room have been playing with bubbles this week. We borrowed Joanna’s Whale Bubble machine and it was such a hit we have had to get our own! The little ones have also enjoyed lots of body painting, exploring shaving foam and fitting shapes into different spaces as they completed simple jigsaws. Outside they have been making lots of sandcastles and pouring oats through different containers and laughing as they fell through.
The older children have spent lots of time together this week, making new friends and developing their social skills. Rosie and Chloe took four children to Tesco at the beginning of the week. They practiced crossing the road and rather reluctantly gave up their £10 note in the machine in exchange for some biscuits which we have decorated at nursery. Back at nursery the children have been exploring mathematical language such as ‘more’, ‘less’ and ‘the same’ as they grouped and counted dinosaurs, as well as making lots of shapes in the garden with the coloured shape sticks.
Jenny has been encouraging the children to paint self-portraits, picking the correct colours to represent their eyes, hair and features. We have also got a new Sticky Kids CD so we have been doing lots of exercises and moving in a range of new ways.
We hope the preschool children who have collected a maths challenge from nursery enjoy completing it over the weekend.