Well we have arrived in August and what a mixed weather week we have had. The children started the week in coats, puddle suits and wellies and have ended it with sunhats and plenty of suncream!! We have sadly started to say goodbye to some of our pre-school children ready for school and have really appreciated the little treasures we have been kindly gifted to remember them by.
This week the babies have been exploring some different messy play, discovering a range of textures, trying out body painting and making lots of different marks. They have also welcomed some new faces to the room who have started to settle in and we look forward to welcoming some more over the coming weeks.
Out in the garden lodge, the children have been looking at life-cycles. Particularly with butterflies following one of the children bringing in a collection of caterpillars! They have also been using tapping sticks to sound out their names and special people close to them.
Upstairs, the children have been painting faces, practising adding features to a circular shape using paper plates and the effects of mixing colours together. The older children have been in the Investigators room looking at the water and exploring volume using different containers. Outside today, the children have made a ‘beach’ using cereal for sand, adding beach towels and having a sit down on the deck chairs.
On Wednesday all of nursery took part in a Teddy Bear’s Picnic day to raise funds for SANDS in memory of Sophie Greenhalgh. The children had a fun filled day where they all took part in a live action ‘Bear Hunt’ in the garden where they could ‘splash, splosh’ and ‘stumble trip’ through the different areas found through the story. They made bear ears that they wore for the majority of the day (even when all of the glitter had dropped off) making bears out of play-doh and everyone joined together to have a giant Teddy Bears Picnic with their own teddies from home out in the garden lodge! We are very pleased to announce that we raised a current standing total of £223.50. Thank you to all for your kind donations and if anyone still wishes to donate please speak to either Laura in the office.