We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to the nursery BBQ last Saturday. It was great to see everyone and I hope you all enjoyed speaking to your child’s key person and spending time outside in the sunshine. With your donations from the purchase of food tickets we raised £425.31 for Derian House.
This week we have continued to enjoy the sunshine and have obviously been spending lots of time outside. The children upstairs have been taking part in lots of maths activities. They enjoyed playing skittles with Laura and recorded next to their name how many they had knocked down. At first there was a lot of ‘Zero the Hero’ marks but after a few practices we soon managed to get a strike. Charlotte has encouraged the toddlers to select one, two or three bricks and to drive them around in the diggers outside.
In the Garden Lodge the children have been making lots of marks and forming letters in shaving foam. The older children have also been using the tape measures to check how long items are. The younger children have been exploring the insects in different malleable materials outside. They have also been pretending to be builders wearing hats and high visibility vests as they pretended to fix items around nursery.
The babies have been making the most of their new outdoor area and have been exploring ice cubes and making marks in the sand. They have also welcomed Anna to their team. Anna has had a lovely first week and has enjoyed lots of cuddles with the little ones. The upstairs children declared mid-week that they liked Anna because her name started with an A and that’s a good letter