Over the last few weeks we have been preparing for our nursery BBQ. The older children have started to make their graduation hats and all the gowns have been tried on. We cannot believe that it has come around so quickly.
Upstairs the older children have been exploring initial sounds in words. They have drawn and painted objects which start with certain letters and enjoyed a game of initial sounds lotto. The younger children have explored some summer malleable experiences. They have made marks in sandy shaving foam and explored petals and flowers in gloop.

The children in the garden lodge have been reading the Gruffalo and using the props the help them retell the story. They have also selected the correct colours to make representations of the Gruffalo recognising familiar parts of the story to ensure that they added the correct features. The younger children helped Amelia to make Gruffalo crumble. As they mixed and added a range of malleable ingredients.

The babies have been exploring different mark making resources such as edible paint, scented with peppermint and lemon, squeezing different colours into shaving foam to mix together and adding paint to ice to make different marks both indoors and outside.

Don’t forget you can still get your tickets for the nursery BBQ this Saturday from the office and if you haven’t already done so please remember to book a timeslot to speak with your child’s key person about their development.