The children upstairs have been talking about their journey to nursery. We drew a long wiggly road and the children enjoyed adding on what they see as they travel from their home each day. We had lots of trees, cows and a few shops. We even had Big Tony as one little girl had seen him at the Spar. The upstairs children have also been using the Beebot to talk about bigger and smaller numbers as they rolled the dice and made it move the correct number of steps. They talked about which number would make the Bee travel the furthest. The toddlers upstairs have been hiding the animals in different places as they explore positional language, as well as helping to water the new vegetables in the garden.

The children in the Garden Lodge have been putting on a show, singing and dancing for each other. They made a stage and placed the chairs around the stage so that everyone could see what they were doing, maybe we have some future stars for Britain’s Got Talent. The children have also been making flowers with lolly sticks and other materials whilst talking about how things grow. The younger children have been exploring lots of patterns and finding the odd one out as they looked a pictures and marks.

Downstairs we have had a few new faces join us, so there has been lots of cuddles this week as we support everyone with settling in. The children have been practising their fine motor skills as they thread cheerio’s onto spaghetti. They have also enjoyed racing the cars through different coloured paint with Tasha.

If seems like everyone is off on their holidays at the moment. Please can we ask that everyone lets us know when their littles ones will be off nursery and where you are off to, so that we don’t have to try and contact you whilst you are away. We would also really appreciate it if you could send us a postcode from your adventures so that we can talk about different places with the children.

Have a lovely weekend