We had a lovely bank holiday weekend; Steph became a Mrs and we had some exciting baby news. Since returning from our break the younger children have been exploring in flour; they have made lots of patterns and marks using the wooden mark makers. They have also been looking after the dolls and changing their nappies.

The older children in the Garden Lodge has been practicing their rhyming words during a game of silly soup and also exploring the final letters of their phonics programme. The younger children have been using lots of malleable materials to make cakes and creations in the garden.

Upstairs the older children have been drawing objects which start with certain letters we had lots of scary monsters and silly snails, although one of the children believed Laura’s snail looked more like a slug so maybe more work is needed! The younger children have been singing lots of numeracy songs and have been practicing counting to five.

The nursery newsletter has gone out this week so please make sure you check this for all important dates for the upcoming months!