As always, we have had a busy few days at nursery. We enjoyed the lovely weather at the beginning of the week, taking part in obstacle courses in the garden and showing off our writing skills by mark making on the path with chalk. Our youngest children have been exploring bubbly water and enjoyed singing “bubble, bubble, bubble, pop” as they explored what happened. They have also been making marks and body painting with lots of different coloured paint. Upstairs the older children have been using objects and their fingers to support them with simple maths problems, while the toddlers have been on a sound walk, listening to lots of different sounds outside. The children in the Garden Lodge have spent time exploring their families and drawing representations of who is in their family, whilst the older children have been playing letter lotto and carrying on rhyming strings.
We have all enjoyed taking part in some activities for St George’s Day. We made flags and enjoyed small world play with dragons and castles. Our favourite part was enjoying some traditional food. The afternoon tea was a great success and all the Mummy’s and Daddy’s were very jealous when they came to collect their little ones!
This week we have had two special visitors. On Thursday Linda came to play her guitar for us and the children loved singing all their favourite nursery rhymes and asking her lots of questions about her guitar. We also learned the actions to I’m a little teapot, as we don’t really sing this song much at nursery. Today one of our big girls is looking after her Auntie’s dog for the weekend so she brought Rosie to meet some of the older children. They were VERY excited to meet her and enjoyed stroking her curly hair.
This week was the last time we will see Steph before she becomes a MRS. We gave her some lovely cards and hope she has a fantastic day when she marries Tom on the 4th May. We cannot wait to see her photos and hear all about it when she returns from Maternity leave on the 28th May.
Finally, we have moved onto our summer menu this week and it is proving very popular with the children. We have enjoyed lots of yummy homemade creations from Louise, our nursery cook. These included Tomato and Lentil Pasta, Apricot Flapjacks and Tuna Wedge with onions and Sweetcorn. Next week we have Smoked Haddock and Salmon Pie, Sausages with Sweet Potato Mash and Homemade Lemon Cake to look forward to.