This week we have been doing lots of exploring and we are all looking forward to the long weekend!

Our youngest children have been developing their physical skills as they had a go on the climbing frames outside. They have also been exploring in the shaving foam and investigating different locks and fastenings with the jigsaws.

The older children in the Garden Lodge have been exploring lifecycles and looking at how things grow and change. Whilst the younger children in the Garden Lodge have been forming patterns and using different objects to copy the outlines of various shapes.

Upstairs, the older children have been using shapes to draw objects, including houses, and have then been using scissors to cut around their art work. The younger children have been enjoying some large-scale mark making, forming lots of lines and circles.

Our latest nursery newsletter is due out next week and includes a few dates for the diary.  We are also asking that anyone who is looking for extra sessions or to swap their days in September 2019 let us know as soon as possible and then we can try and accommodate as many people as possible.

We hope you all enjoy the long weekend