The ground floor rooms at Billinge House are utilised to cater for our youngest children.  They have free flow access to three rooms including ‘The Snugglers’, a place of relaxation and sensory exploration.  Within this room, children can explore, discover and relax having access to a range of natural resources and textured areas.

‘Explorers’ is a place of investigation and small world opportunities. Children are encouraged to re-live experiences from home, they are provided with small world scenes, for example, they are able to re-enact a visit to the farm or even a simple car journey. Children develop balance and coordination as they steady towers and complete simple jigsaws.

Creators’ purpose is for texture and sensory exploration, as well as providing opportunities for mark making and malleable experiences. Children can manipulate the various resources they encounter without boundaries and role play within the small world kitchen.

Our youngest children have a purpose built area within our outdoor environment, they have opportunity to play, explore and toddle in an area designed to bring the indoors outside. There is a wooden decking space, equipped with resources to provide even further learning opportunities, this is at the same level as the grass to aid accessibility and free flow for all.

All nappies, wipes and meals are provided along with dietary requirements catered for.

What to expect…

Within our 0-2’s rooms, all children are cared for by qualified practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with babies and young children.  Within our 0-2’s we can care for up to 15 children all of whom are on a ratio of 1:3.   Each child and their family will be assigned a key person and a buddy who will become your main point of contact within the setting.

Your child’s key person will be responsible for monitoring their development and for supporting them to grow into unique, happy, learners.  Each child will have their own learning journey folder which will be updated with photos, comments, and artwork on a regular basis.  Practitioners within our under 2’s rooms will complete a daily diary to communicate with each family about their child’s day.

All meals are included within our daily fees and each child will be offered 3 healthy meals and two snacks.  We liaise with parents and carers in relation to weaning and are available to provide you with support and guidance every step of the way.

Things to provide – any creams or emergency medication your child requires, formula or expressed milk, bottles, comforters, a couple of  changes of clothes, wellies,  sun hat, family photos

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